Centre for Molecular Nanoscience (CMNS)

The Centre for Molecular Nanoscience

The Centre for Molecular Nanoscience (CMNS) is an interdisciplinary centre involving approximately 40 academic staff from the Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences, Biological Sciences, and Medicine and Health faculties at the University of Leeds. CMNS evolved in 2009 from the highly successful Centre for Self Organising Molecular Systems, established in 1993, and hence has a well established track record of research and teaching in nanoscience and nanotechnology.

CMNS research focuses primarily on so-called 'bottom-up' nanoscience, including molecular self-assembly and self-organisation, directed molecular assembly, and related application areas including nanomedicine and nanotoxicology. CMNS is a real-estate centre with a suite of six research laboratories, including space for electrochemistry, biochemistry, and chemical synthesis, and is home to the CMNS core academic team and to PhD students and postdoctoral research fellows working on interdisciplinary projects, often supervised jointly by academic staff from CMNS and partner departments. CMNS research is funded by EPSRC, BBSRC, NERC, RCUK, EC and the Royal Society, as well as by various industrial sponsors. CMNS is active in knowledge transfer and currently hosts two Leeds University spin-out companies, Scensive Technologies and Organisense.

CMNS also hosts the University's integrated nanotechnology degree programmes, including four interrelated nanotechnology Masters programmes (managed jointly with the University of Sheffield) and a 3 year undergraduate Nanotechnology degree, together representing the largest nanotechnology higher education activity in the UK, in terms of student numbers, staff participation, and range and longevity of programmes. We also run an annual Nanotechnology 6th form residential workshop in partnership with the Smallpeice trust.

CMNS' remit is to engender an open, inclusive, interdisciplinary community of molecular nanoscience researchers, educators and students, both across the Leeds campus and with national and international partners.

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